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Day1 Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) – Incheon Airport (South Korea)

09:00 pm Group assemble at the Suvarnabhumi Airport Departure Lounge on 4th floor, Business Air Counter F, where the group will be greeted by staff to facilitate check-in procedure.


00:10 am Departure to Seoul via 8B 868. Flying time is approximately 5 hours. Hot meals and beverages will be provided.

Imposed Requirements
Liquids, aerosols or gel carried in hand luggage should not exceed 100 ml per item (combined not more than 1 liter), and should be stored in a transparent bag with easy access. Import of fresh items such pork, beef, vegetables and fruits are prohibited to prevent spread of diseases and will be fined by Customs authorities.

Day 2 Nami Island (Winter Love Song) – Mt.Sorak – Sinheungsa Temple

07.30 am Arrive at Incheon International Airport. The local time is 2 hours ahead (for convenience, please adjust your watches according to the local time). Proceed for Immigration clearance.
Proceed to chuncheon, (city surrounged by lakes) an island located in the province of dongwando. A ferry ride to Nami Island. The leaf shaped private island was used as location for filming television series “Winter Love Song” which became famous in Korea and Asia. You will enjoy the romantic environment and natural view of the pine trees on both side of foot path. The island provides seasonal natural beauty. You are at leisure to enjoy the surrounding and take pictures of your favorite spots.

Lunch at Restaurant serving “Dak Galbi” which is a Korean favorite consisting of barbecued chicken and vegetables fried with Korean barbecue sauce in a flat pan, eaten wrapped in lettuce leaf, like Thai snack
Proceed to Soeraksan Natural Park passing through forests, mountain ranges, valleys and waterfalls. View the beautiful surroundings of Kongwando province. Soeraksan National Park, also referred as “Switzerland of Korea” is considered most beautiful mountain range in Korea which extend up to Geumdong mountain of North Korea. The rock formation of line its sides resemble line up of statues. Take a free ride in the cable car to enjoy the unique beautiful scenery and for breath of fresh air.

Visit Sinheungsa Temple is located in the National Park. The temple was constructed during Shilla period. Worship the large bronze Buddha statue for blessing.

Dinner at Restaurant serving Shabu Shabu (a dish featuring thinly sliced pork, assorted vegetables of the season, tofu, bacon, meatballs boiled in hot soup served rice with dipping sauce and side dishes. The taste of Korean food suits Thai palate.
Transfer to Vivaldi Park Ski Resort or similar category hotel.



Day 3 ski resort– strawberry farm – Everland – Dongdaemun

Morning Breakfast at the Hotel.
Enjoy safe skiing at one of the large ski resort which offer choice slopes for beginners and skilled skiers and for professionals. (Ski gears rentals are reasonable and at own expenses, snow sledge ski, snow board approx. 50,000 won and 150,000 won for gondola.
Visit strawberry farm. Enjoy the sweet smell of fresh strawberries, and can buy some to take home

Lunch at Restaurant serving Shabu Shabu (a dish featuring thinly sliced pork, assorted vegetables of the season, tofu, bacon, meatballs boiled in hot soup served rice with dipping sauce and side dishes. The taste of Korean food suits Thai palate.
Proceed to “Everland Amusement Park”, the largest open space. And the country’s most famous park is referred as “Korean Disney land is located amid the hills. Tour the world of wild animals in the safari. Close-up view of ligers, the world’s first twins among other animals and experience the intimate communication between the bears and the bus driver. Don’t miss the fun with One Day Pass. You can choose to experience and enjoy unlimited entertainment facilities and don’t miss the latest T-express rollercoaster

Arrive at Dongdaemun Market (East Gate) and experience the colorful local trade. A shopping district featuring more than 10,000 specialty shops. All kinds of goods can be found here including Korean fashion clothings, accessories, scarves, neckties, sports goods and many more at wholesale and retail prices.


Dinner at Restaurant serving Galbi. Pork is cooked on grills and cut into bite pieces served with lettuce and pepper used to wrap the meat and rice, which is then dipped in a sauce accompanied by side dishes.
Transfer to M Hotel or similar category hotel.

Day 4 Ginseng Center – Herbal Center – Gyeongbok Palace – Trick Eye Ice Gallery – Seoul Tower– Shopping Myeongdong
Morning Breakfast at the Hotel.
Visit Gingseng Center certified by the government. Learn about the life cycle, produced from 6 year old roots is considered superior quality gingseng. Select and buy for your own consumption or as souvenirs. The prices are inexpensive, compared to prices sold in Thailand which are double. View the Herbal Center. The species of these plants grow on hilly areas between 50-800 meters above the sea level. The herbs are popular among the new generations for kidney and liver cleansing toxic from alcohol, coffee and chemicals.
After that you are at leisure to shop around the area of Hongik University. This shopping area offers fashion design clothings and famous Korean brands such as Rojukiss cosmetics at reasonable prices and are cheaper than in Thailand. Shopping at your leisure at Midam for cosmetics such as Rojukiss and other Korean products which are cheaper than Thailand.
Visit Gyeongbok Palace. Gyeongbok is an ancient wooden building constructed in 1394 more than 600 years ago. Within the palace compound, there were more than 200 palaces but were destroyed by Imperial Japanese. Since then, the walled palace complex has been gradually restored to its original form. You can take photos by the Gyeonghoern pavilion in the middle of the pond which used to hold important and special state banquets during the Joesoen dynasty.

Lunch at Restaurant serving Jimdak, an authentic Korean dish made with chicken marinated in soya sauce base with spices, local vegerables, seaweei and onions.
The Trickeye Museum is an art gallery with paintings created using 'trompe l'oeil' techniques that give each 2D art piece the illusion of being in 3D. Instead of merely viewing paintings (as in a typical art gallery) visitors can interact with the paintings, posing themselves just right so that they look as if they are part of the original work. To ensure that even its busiest patrons have time to enjoy the fun, the museum stays open each day until 9PM, making it a popular date and hang-out place. Outside of the main exhibition hall is a main square that is decorated like the Santorini in Greece. In addition to classy fountains and decorations, the main square is also home to the museum which serves up scrumptious organic coffee and other beverages.

Visit Namsan Hill for Love Key Ceremony, a belief that lovers who leave the lock and throw away the key will have eternal love. Enjoy the view of Seoul and its surrounding area from Soeul Tower (elevator tickets to the tower not included). You can buy a teddy bear “Alfred” a name from Korean drama series and appreciate a collection displayed in the “Teddy Bear Shop”.
Visit Myeongdong market or known as “Fashion District of Korea”. The district features mid to high priced retail stores and international brand outlets compared to local markets like Dongdaemun. It is a popular area for fashion clothings, shoes, salons as well as Korean cosmetics brands such as Etude, The Face Shop and Skin Food. Also many choice restaurants and coffee shops.


Dinner at Restaurant serving International buffet complete with wine. You can eat all you can. Menus include original Korean dishes, fresh seafood, Alaskan giant crab craws, shrimps, salmon, oysters, fish and assorted sushi.

Transfer to M Hotel or similar category hotel

Day 5 Amethyst or Red Pine – Duty Free – SUPERMAKET

Morning Breakfast at the Hotel.
Visit Amethyst Center Korea is famous for this purple gem stone known for its healing properties and good luck. The colors range from light purple to deep purple wine. The stones are exquisite on rings, earrings and bracelets. or Red Pine
Proceed to Duty Free Shop for branded luxury items such as bags, shoes, watches, camera, mobile phones and perfumes. Duty free shop features more than 500 items and prices are cheaper than in Thailand.

Lunch at Restaurant serving nourishing steamed chicken with ginseng, Samgyetang, an ancient menu originated from royal palace. A soup of chicken stuffed with rice, ginseng, goji berries served with noodles, ginseng wine, salt and pepper is now a popular dish at lunch and is considered very healthy.
Time to leave for Inchoen Airport, stop by for shopping at the Super Market for souvenirs – snacks, sweets, chocolate, Korean noodles, ginseng, cosmetics, variety of fresh fruits, health pillows and kimchi.
05.00 pm Board on flight 8B 867 bound for Bangkok.
09.10 pm Safe arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport.







Adults 2-3 PAX





Travelers Design Club reserves the right to change the flight time, program or menu depending on the circumstances, without prior notice.

Fares include

1. Round trip on specified route traveling with tour group
2. Meals as specified in the program
3. Entrance fees to various locations specified in the program
4. Accommodations in hotels specified in the program or similar category hotel (2 persons per room)
5. Transportation
6. Airport taxes
7. Baggage 25 kilos per person
8. Tour Guides
9. Travel Insurance Baht 1,000,000 per person (according to the terms and conditions)

Not included in the fares

1. Personal Expenses such as Passport application fees, personal phone calls, laundry services, mini bar in room, extra food and beverages (please contact the tour leader for additional items and pay the difference)
2. 7% value added tax plus 3% tax
3. Excess luggage over 25 kilo allowance
4. Alien Visa fees. Please provide following documents.
5. Passport ● Copy of House Registration
6. Identification ● Bank Saving Book (optional)
7. Resident Permit ● two 2 inch photos
8. The staff will assist with the visa processing for which the traveler pays for visa fees. Holders of alien visas are required to apply for exit and re-entry visa before traveling and submitting the passport for visa application.
9. Tips for driver and local guide 20,000 won or 600 Baht per person/per trip.


1. Minimum number to a tour group is 10 persons or more
2. Flight and tour program can be changed as necessity arises to accommodate travelers convenience.
3. Validity of the passport should not be less than 6 months.
4. The company shall not be held responsible for flight delay, demonstration, strikes or deny departure/arrival by the immigration authorities, Labour Department in Thailand or Korea which is beyond our control.
5. The company will not be responsible if the tour member does not participate in a particular tour program or take particular meal as all related expenses have already been made in advance to the agents Korea.
6. The company will not be responsible in case of loss, theft or accident caused through the negligence of the tour member.
7. In the case the tour member does not travel with the group on the set date, the travel date cannot be changed nor money refunded as this being a special fare ticket.
8. The partial or full payment made on airfares will not be refunded as it is considered that the traveler understand and accept the terms and conditions stipulated.
9. The traveler shall travel with the tour group according to the set program, and shall not be permitted to travel on his/her own unless otherwise prior written consent has been obtained. The insurance coverage made on behalf of tour members shall not cover in case of loss of life or property caused through accident including hotel accommodations and meals according to the set program, if traveling on his/her own.


1. A deposit of Baht 5,000 upon booking or full payment to be made 20 days before departure date.
2. In case the immigration department in Thailand or Korea deny departure or entry the company reserve the right to retain payments made on services.
3. In case the tour member is in her pregnancy, she shall notify the company when booking the tour. A medical certificate is required from the physician (in English 7 days before departure) certifying that she is fit to travel.
4. In case of cancellation, the company or their agent in Thailand or Korea reserve the right to retain the payment made. This also applies to deposits made on Charter flights and extra flights.

Tips on Tour

Important documents to be produced to the Korean Immigration Authorities. Visas are issued to tourists, consideration based on documents.
1. Documents on employment status, such as company identity card, business card or employment letter in English. Letter from the tour organizer in case of individual traveler.
2. Should carry approximately US$ 300 or 300,000 won for 5 days stay (if traveler do no carry credit cards such as Visa, American Express, Diners or Master card).
3. In case of students, a letter from the institution and student card. Recommend traveling with a relative under same surname.
4. In case of a new passport, please also attach the old one.
5. Dress appropriately. Do not wear slippers.

Useful Information

1. 1,000 Korean “won” is equivalent to Baht 30-35.
2. You can change the money at the Thai Airport. (US Dollars are used in the airport and hotels in Korea). Suggest you change to 600,000 won or USD 600 and carry credit cards in case the Immigration authorities ask to produce. (Rate of exchange is approximately US$1 equals 1,000-1,200 won).
3. The customs allow each traveler to carry 1 bottle liquor, 2 oz. perfume and 1 carton cigarettes. However, there are no restrictions on exit from Seoul.
4. Advise check on weather before traveling for appropriate clothings.
Spring March-May 10-25 degree celcius
Summer June-August 25-35
Autumn September-November 05-15
Winter December-February 01-10
5. The standard electricity supply in Korea is 110 volts, Most hotels and tourist locations may provide outlet converters for 110 and 220 volts
6. Many hotels do not generally provide tooth brush, paste, shampoo and such amenities and should carry personal items such as towels as the hotels provide only small towels which cannot be wrapped around. Drinking water is not provided (must pay for mini bar services).
7. During winter November-April, most hotels have heaters on (central air system), however you can have the windows open for cold air.
8. Thai mobile phones with GSM sim cards cannot be used as CDMA network is used in Korea. Please ensure that you change to international card before departure. Contact the International mobile counter located on the second floor Suvarnabhumi Airport. International phone cards are also available in all hotels for 3,000/5,000 and 10,000 won which can be used to call home by dialing 001-66-2- followed by the telephone number. (2-Bangkok/38-Cholburi/53-Chiangmai) followed by telephone number. For mobile, dial 001-66-8-followed by mobile number.
9. The time difference between Korea and Thailand is 2 hours. (Schedules are set according to Local time). For convenience, please adjust your watches accordingly.
10. Tipping in Korea is very essential. Most restaurants and hotels in Korea generally do not provide service staff. However if a staff assist with your luggages, you may consider giving a tip at your discretion. For instance, for driver and local guide who assist during the course of the tour you may pay an average of 20,000 won per person per trip.
11. There are 2 kinds of taxis, blue and white, meter starts at 1,900 won for the first 2 kilo meters (the drivers do not speak English). Time between 24.00-01.00 am additional 20% is charged. Deluxe taxis (yellow) the meter starts at 4,500 won for first 3 kilometers, no additional charge for night service (driver can speak English). Visitor should carry hotel business card or brochure when traveling by underground in Seoul. Ticket costs 1,000 won throughout the trip.
12. Shopping at local markets such as Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, Itaewon accept only Korean won and bargain can be made up to 10-30%. However, you cannot bargain at duty free outlets, department stores and super markets. Suggest carry a small calculator for easy calculations.
13. During sojourn ensure that you carry your passport, air ticket and other important documents and safely stored.
14. In restaurants set meals served are for four persons. Kimchi – a traditional fermented vegetables and spices is served as side dish with every meal.
If you should have any problem please contact the accompanying local guide.


Please ensure that you carry a valid passport. Be sure to check the expiry date of the passport which should not be less than 6 months to avoid difficulties in traveling. The company reserves the right to retain all payments made related to travel.


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